Ways To Get Involved

There are many ways to lend your support:

1.      Subscribe to our email list so you can help spread the word and boost our social media outreach.

So, when we send out newsletters, alerts and announcements, you can assist us by posting our information to your facebook, you can ‘digg’ us, you can ’stumleupon us’, help boost the number of fans on our fan page, or you can ‘retweet our tweets’.  Wouldn’t that be sweet?

2.     Become an Ambassador for our program by hosting your own fund-raising event and forwarding donations collected.

  • Host a ‘Coffee-Hour’, brunch, happy hour, back-yard barbecue, or a lemonade stand.  What works for you and your friends?
  • We will provide the print materials for your gathering to inform your guests about this program.
  • We can also schedule someone to address your guests if you wish.
  • Give us a call and we’ll get you started!  (314-454-6544)

3.     Donate your (and your company’s) print cartridges to our account at Office Depot.

4.    Volunteer your time.  Give us a call (314-454-6544) or email us to get started.

  • Volunteer to drop off print materials to your neighborhood businesses and community locales
  • Donate an afternoon to assemble print materials, letters and similar office duties
  • Volunteer to pick up donated print cartridges from area businesses and deliver them to Office Depot on our behalf.  This print cartridge donations program will help cover the cost of office supplies and possibly printing expenses.  100 print cartridges=$300.

5.     You can donate, of course!

Now, it’s your turn.  What did you have in mind?


How would you like to get involved?: